Cell Phone and Electronics Policy

Students are not permitted to use cell phones for personal reasons during school hours. While in school, cell phones must be completely turned off.
Students are permitted to use cell phones before school and after dismissal for communication with parents or for academic purposes only.
Students who violate this procedure will have his/her cell phone confiscated.

1st confiscation:  Returned at the end of the day

2nd  confiscation: Returned to a parent

3rd confiscation:  Returned at the end of the school year.

Middle Years Cell Phone Policy:

Middle years students have been provided with a locker to safely secure their cellular phones and electronic devices.  We are also working to teach students appropriate use of their cell phones as educational devices.  They are expected to use their electronic devices responsibly and to store them safely.  The Bethune Elementary School cell phone policy does not assume responsibility for lost or stolen devices.

1st improper usage confiscation:  Returned to a parent

2nd improper usage confiscation: Parent meeting

3rd improper usage confiscation:  Daily Collection by administration

Electronic devices (MP3 players, tablets, handheld video games, etc)  are a distraction from the educational process and instructional delivery.  Unauthorized electronics will be confiscated and returned at the end of the day.  If electronics are repeatedly brought to school they will be held by administration until the end of the year.

Bethune is not responsible for lost or stolen electronic devices.  We will not devote instructional time to the search or investigation of lost or stolen electronic devices.