Dean of Students – Mr. Fulton


Students committing any of the offenses in the Student Code of Conduct Handbook, shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. Please refer to the Student Code of Conduct Handbook for a detailed explanation.


The PA General assembly has enacted legislation ACT 26, which requires all public schools to take mandatory course of action in dealing with a student found to be in possession of a weapon. There is no requirement that the student use or try to use the weapon. No one may carry a weapon for protection. A weapon is defined as a gun, knife, sharp object or any other object that can be used as a weapon. Act 26 was designed as a safeguard to ensure all public schools are safe havens in which all students may interact in an environment and climate, which fosters learning and strongly discourages potential acts of violence. Any student found with a weapon will be subject to automatic suspension and transfer to another Philadelphia Public School or disciplinary school. Depending on the age of the student and severity of the situation, the student may be arrested.


We are confident that Bethune Elementary students will attend daily to learn, be productive, and adhere to Student Code of Conduct for Philadelphia School District Students experiencing difficulty adhering to the Student Code of Conduct will follow the process described below:

Minor behavioral issues will be handled by the teacher (classroom, or specialist).  They will use their discretion when they believe the classroom behavior requires a referral.  The following is a sampling of the consequences teachers may use:

Removal to a “time out” area within the classroom
Written referral
Conference with student
Note to parent
Phone call to parent
Teacher detention (morning or afternoon)
Removal to another setting (no longer than 30 minutes)

Major offenses will be handled by an administrator.  Each child is an individual whose needs will be considered when determining the consequence. The following is a sampling of the consequences administrators may use:

Natural consequence (clean desk that student wrote on, letter of apology, etc.)
Parent phone call
Referral to Discipline Team to develop a behavior improvement plan
Alternative recess (only used when issue takes place during recess)
Detention (morning/afternoon/lunch)
Suspension (out of school)
Referral for further consequence.

**Level II violations will follow the EH-21 Process

** Serious incidents may require immediate suspension


In an attempt to stress constructive citizenship and improve academics, your child may be required to remain after school for short periods of time during the school year.

If improper behavior or uniform non-compliance is observed, your child will be given 24-hour notice prior to serving detention.


Fighting will not be tolerated. Students involved in fighting will be disciplined in accordance with the Philadelphia School District’s Student Code of Conduct.


There is zero tolerance for any type of bullying. Students who engage in any type of bullying, either physical, verbal or cyber bullying will be disciplined in accordance with the Philadelphia School District’s Code of Conduct.  Check out the district’s Bullying and Harassment website for more information.


The Pennsylvania General Assembly has enacted legislation (Act 26) which requires all public schools to take a mandatory course of action in dealing with students who are found in possession of weapons. The law defines a weapon to include, but not limited to, any knife, cutting instrument, cutting tool, firearm, shotgun, rifle and any other tool or implement capable of inflicting serious bodily injury. There is no requirement that the student use or try to use the weapon; and possession for self protection is not a defense. Parents are encouraged not to send tools or supplies such as metal or pointed scissors to school with your children unless you receive a written request from the teacher. Students found with weapons of any kind or any article used as a weapon are in violation of the law and subject to arrest and expulsion from the school district for at least one year.