Anchor Ancestor

Here at Bethune we like to highlight a different anchor ancestor every week.  This week meet Rodolfo Gonzales– Poet and champion of the Chicano movement

Monday: Rodolfo Gonzalez grew up in a tough Denver neighborhood during the Great Depression. His father instilled a sharp sense of history from his native Mexico and encouraged his son to take pride in his heritage.

Tuesday: After becoming a successful professional boxer, Gonzalez retired in 1955 to write poetry.

Wednesday: In the 1960s, he composed the poem, “I Am Joaquin,” which many view as the first spark in the Chicano movement.

Thursday: Gonzales was one of many leaders for the Crusade for Justice. Gonzales convened the first-ever Chicano Youth Liberation Conference in 1968.

Friday: Gonzalez devoted the rest of his life to teaching cultural identity, focusing on building self-esteem among discriminated people.